The Final Approach is an aviation blog created and run by university students. We aim to share our perspectives on the industry we aspire to work in one day.

Coming from a range of different universities, courses and interests – our writing team focus on a wide variety of topics from airlines, airports and aircraft to sustainability, security and safety. Our goal is to engage industry professionals and stakeholders, and really spread a collective student voice on all things air transport.

As a group of students ourselves, we also are in a unique position to write about aviation studies and our university lives. If you’re interested in pilot training or starting an aviation-related university course, do check out our aviation studies articles and get in touch – we’ll help you find the right course, uni and school for you!


Editor     |     BA Airline and Airport Management Student at Buckinghamshire New University

Airport fanatic, business strategy and development lead, and aspiring operations manager. I love to write about, read about and research the gateways of the world. 


Assistant Editor    |     BA Airline and Airport Management Student at Buckinghamshire New University

My passion for aviation comes from my childhood memories and my family past. Travelled the world and loved every minute of it.

Eduardo Vargas Castañeda

Contributor     |     MSc Business Analytics Graduate at the University of Edinburgh

I am a Mexican MSc Business Analytics student at the University of Edinburgh. Aviation is a unique and a professional industry which connects the world together through a distinctive experience. This is why I share a strong passion for this industry.


Contributor     |     BA Airline and Airport Management Graduate at Buckinghamshire New University