A New Approach to The Final Approach

It’s been a while! That’s for sure. We last posted in the grand old days of 2020 – just before a Christmas period marred by a second UK national lockdown. Blog wise, it’s been a very slow start to the new year, and the same could well be said for the aviation sector.

Airlines and airports worldwide continue to struggle financially and operationally with the challenges Covid-19 is still throwing our way more than a year on from it’s conception, but the route out is slowly (painfully slowly!) becoming clearer.

The UK Government have ramped up their vaccination programme and seen a resounding success with it – we can see the end of full-scale lockdowns approaching and our freedoms returning before too long. However, as of yet, the aviation sector has been left lurking at the back of the government’s priorities for support and attention – both dangerous and surprising considering the air transport industry contributes 4.5% of the UK’s GDP.

The second and third quarters of 2021 should prove crucial to the eventual return of wide-scale airport and airline operations in the UK, and we don’t want to miss it. We’re back with weekly articles and a new approach – utilising our unique position as students to give student perspectives on the industry we all strive to work in someday, and insight into the universities helping us to get there.

We’re here and ready to analyse airlines, airports and the topics that interest us as we head for post-Covid careers in air travel. We’ll be writing about the industry as well as university life – and what life as aviation students involves. We’ll also review literature and magazines, bringing our academic backgrounds to the forefront of the blog as we aim to share our uni experiences and insight.

I can’t wait for the next stage of the blog. As we approach our first year of being live, I hope we can get there with informative content, fresh ideas, and new connections. Stay safe and well – and stay tuned!

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I'm an avid writer and airport fanatic. I'm currently studying Airline and Airport Management at Bucks New University and hope to work in airport operations in the future.

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  1. Keep up the good work and hope you get some interesting reactions. Look forward to future posts.

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